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August 28, 2008

The dress seen 'round the world

A few months ago we sent some of Maya's clothes to her cousin Merian in Uganda.

Here's Merian wearing one of the dresses we sent, Merian is now about 1 year old.


and here's Maya wearing the same dress when she was about 10 months old


Maya also has another new cousin, Haythem, who is now about 10 months old


Hopefully someday Maya will be able to go visit all her cousins in Uganda.

August 25, 2008


On Saturday we traveled down to Carmel for an end of the summer picnic at the beach.

Maya enjoyed looking at the waves

08-23-08 - Carmel by the sea

We saw some dolphins swim by close to shore

08-23-08 - Carmel by the sea

Maya got close to the water but got a little scared, she didn't really like walking barefoot in the sand, but I think she did better than when we last went to the beach.

08-23-08 - Carmel by the sea

August 18, 2008

Japanese Tea Garden & de Young Art Museum

On Sunday we were bored and decided on a quick trip to Golden Gate Park to visit the de Young Art Museum and Japanese Tea Garden.

We first did a quick run through the museum

de young museum

We decided to skip the Chihuly exhibit thinking large glass sculptures and 14 month old children don't mix particularly well.

We then hung out in the Japanese Tea Garden.

Maya enjoyed running along the paths

Japanese Tea Garden

Japanese Tea Garden

Susan enjoyed all the gardens and greenery

Japanese Tea Garden

and, of course, we needed to have a cup of tea, we opted for the oolong

Japanese Tea Garden

Maya must have tired out as she fell asleep before she finished her cheese on the way home.


August 13, 2008

San Mateo County Fair

Last weekend we visited the San Mateo County Fair. Besides eating we spent most of the time looking at the 4H Livestock building. Maya enjoyed this much more than the zoo.

We saw chickens...

San Mateo County Fair - Aug 08


San Mateo County Fair - Aug 08

Maya reached out and touched one of the sheep on the nose and then wouldn't go anywhere near them again, I don't know what she thought it was going to feel like, but apparently not what it really felt like.

We also saw some piggies (maya can make a great pig sound these days)

San Mateo County Fair - Aug 08

and we saw some cows...

San Mateo County Fair - Aug 08

but what we really liked was the food!

San Mateo County Fair - Aug 08

August 10, 2008

Tivo Summer Picnic

Last week TiVo had its annual summer picnic

Maya couldn't wait to start having fun

Tivo Picnic 2008

She ate cotton candy (when she could pry it out of my hands)

Tivo Picnic 2008

Played with a balloon mouse (until she squeezed it too tight)

Tivo Picnic 2008

Made a teddy bear (and by made, I mean we put a t-shirt on it)

Tivo Picnic 2008

and she finished the day by doing some work for me while I went for more hamburgers

Tivo Picnic 2008

August 1, 2008

14 Months

Maya turned 14 months on Wednesday and now completely in the "climbing stage" She wants to climb on everything! Her new favorite toy is a big diaper box that she climbs on top and hangs out. Luckily she likes to keep it in the middle of the room so when she falls off she doesn't bang her head on anything.

She's doing lots of imitating, both sounds and movements. She now waves "bye-bye" to everyone and can stop herself from touching things (like the tv) by saying "no no no" to herself. She's still not doing any real talking yet and doesn't consistently label anything, but she's getting real close.

Maya - 14 Months

Maya - 14 Months

Maya - 14 Months