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June 29, 2007

Birthday Bash

On Wednesday Maya turned 4 weeks so we had a one month birthday party complete with cake and candles (and Champagne!). She's outgrowing her first set of clothes and Susan had to cut the feet off of a couple outfits so Maya could stretch out.


I'm leaving today (Friday) for the U.S, No word yet on Maya's passport but we were able to submit all the documents needed so now we just have to wait for them to send it to us.

June 17, 2007

Father's Day Pics

A couple pics from Father's Day



Father's Day

Hey, it Father's Day! I waited in bed waiting for Maya to bring me breakfast but she just laid there in her crib. Finally I had to get up and make it myself.

I went out and got my self a beef shawarma to celebrate and Susan got some fries. Maya got yet another bag of diapers!

Here's Maya in her car seat, I think we have the only car seat in Uganda (I brought it with me). When the nurse brought Maya out when we first went home, she told us that she was worried that we putting Maya in seat rather than holding her as she had no idea what a car seat was, "I never heard of such a thing" she said. Luckily Maya doesn't mind it too much and usually falls asleep even when we hit one too many potholes.


and a few more pics



June 14, 2007

Good News & Bad News

The Good News: Susan had her immigration interview yesterday and should have her visa in her passport early next week. She can then enter the US anytime in the next 3 months.

The Bad News: Maya's passport application hit a snag as I have to prove that I have lived in the U.S for at least 5 consecutive years in my life. So after I return to the U.S. at the end of June, I need to FedEx my school records (if I can find them) or some other proof to Susan to finish the application process. I can not transfer U.S. citizenship to Maya unless I can prove this. It should only take about 2 weeks after that to get her passport so we are aiming for the end of July for everyone to move to California.

here's Maya's passport photo:

Passport Photo

Maya turned two weeks old yesterday, they grow up so quick these days. She's still doing just fine, sleeping a lot except at night.

The internet is still really bad so I can't upload many pictures, I'm well short of my goal of 1000 pictures a day but that probably makes Maya and Susan happy.

June 8, 2007

One Week

We've now had Maya home from the hospital for one week. She's doing fine, eating lots (and with lots of diapers to show for it). She had been sleeping all day and up all night but yesterday she was up in the evening and slept most of the night, waking just a few times to feed and fall asleep again.

Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday which was a relief because it was looking pretty grungy.

a few pics:

watching TV with daddy


play time with mom:


June 5, 2007


Some photos here:


The story

Here's the story of Maya's entry into this world:

Tuesday morning Susan and I had visited the American Embassy to drop off some paperwork then went and saw Spiderman 3. During the movie Susan started feeling some sharp pains that were a little sharper than the cramps she had been getting the last few days. Afterwards we went for ice cream and then home. We kept wondering if they were really labor pains or not, we tried timing them but they were all over the place. We had no idea what to do.

Finally about 10:00pm we decided to go to the hospital. We thought they'd laugh at us and send us home. Of course we had no electricity that night so I fumbled around in the dark trying to load the luggage in the car. We had to take the long way to the hospital as taking the side roads isn't always safe after dark but we made it just fine.

The doctor on call examined Susan and said she was in very early stages of labor and they would admit us. They were planning on inducing the labor at 8:00 the next morning (had to wait until the pharmacy opened) if the contractions were still strong but labor hadn't progressed. We hung out until 8:00 the next morning but the labor hadn't progressed much. Before doing the induction, they did an ultrasound to check the fluid around the baby and found that there was too little fluid to be sure about doing a normal delivery without stressing the baby, so after some deliberation we decided to do a C-Section.

About 11:30am or so, they wheeled out Susan (the wouldn't let me in the operating room) and about 12:30 the nurse brought the baby back to the room so I could hold it. Susan came back at about 1:00. After counting the fingers and toes we let out a sigh of relief, well I did at least, Susan was still pretty zonked out.

Because of the c-section we stayed in the hospital for 4 nights and then went home.

June 3, 2007

It's a girl!

Maya Rwenzori Haynes was born Wednesday, May 30th at about 12:30pm, weighing in at 3.1kg.


More soon....