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May 31, 2009

2 Years Old!

Maya turned two on Saturday. She and Susan are still in Uganda and are hoping to have a small party today, the cake has been ordered!

Maya has adjusted nicely to Uganda and loves going out to visit the chickens and playing with Haythem, her 20 month old nephew. Maya will hopefully go and visit her great grandma on Monday. They leave Uganda on Tuesday and arrive San Francisco on Wednesday.

Hopefully we'll have lots of good pictures to share soon.

May 11, 2009

23 Months

Maya turned 23 months about a week ago, hard to believe less than a month until her 2nd birthday. Maya and her Mom are currently enjoying a trip to Uganda where Maya will celebrate her birthday. We will have another party here a few weeks after they get back.

04-25-09 - Oakland Zoo

She is starting to use longer sentences, she blurted out "I like honey" after having a little taste the other day. She is much more confident physically these days, she wants to walk up and down the stairs by herself and can easily climb up the "rock climbing" portion of the playground.

She now has lots of friends at the park and is very good about waiting her turn for the swing. She would swing all day if she could.

Her eating and sleeping is still not great. She has developed a cough at night when she lays down. She has her two year checkup as soon as she returns so hopefully we can figure out what is going on.

The weekend before they left, we hit the Oakland Zoo again. Every time Maya goes, she's a little more interested. She loved the elephants and giraffes.

04-25-09 - Oakland Zoo

and even tried to find the monkeys in the trees.

04-25-09 - Oakland Zoo

But what she really loved was the metal pigs.

04-25-09 - Oakland Zoo

Afterward we walked around Oakland a bit. We found a hotel named after Maya.

04-25-09 - Oakland Zoo