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April 30, 2008

11 Months

Today Maya turned 11 months old. She's getting closer and closer to walking and talking. She will now repeat "dada" and some other sounds but doesn't yet use them to label anything.

Maya - 11 Months

She is a girl on the move. She has fully mastered crawling and is fast! She's not yet taking any steps yet but is doing lots of cruising.

Maya - 11 Months

She now wants to touch everything! We've gotten the house pretty much baby-proofed with the cabinets all locked up tight. We bought a gate for the kitchen and the ottoman does a good job and blocking the hallway when we don't want her to disappear.

Maya - 11 Months

April 27, 2008

4 teeth and counting....

Maya is up to 4 teeth now, two top and two bottom...She's enjoying being able to bite off chunks of her chapati.

Maya - 04-27-08

April 22, 2008

Tiptoe through the...snow?

Last weekend we went for a trip to Seattle. Susan loves tulips so when I told her about the tulip festival that occurs every April near Seattle, we had to go. I figured it was a good time to show off one of my favorite cities.

Of course this year was unseasonably cold (downright freezing!) and very few of the flowers are in bloom. We met up with our friends Jordan and Dave and visited a few fields but it was so cold and muddy that it wasn't the most pleasant experience. We then went to a little street fair at a nearby town and it started hailing. The good news is that Maya and Susan got to experience snow and hail for the first time, not enough for snow angels though.



After returning to Seattle from the tulips we took a ride to the top of the space needle.



Seattle completely redeemed itself the next day however. It was a beautiful sunny day. We visited the market and walked around some downtown.


And then we took a ferry across the sound and back to see Seattle from the sea. Of course rather than sitting quietly waiting for the ferry, most of my time these days is spent like this:


All Maya wants to do these days is walk.

We did have a very nice ride and Seattle is great city.



April 17, 2008

A walk in the park

Maya is making good use of her walker...she can get around pretty good but it doesn't always end well...good thing the grass is soft!

Maya - 04-17-08

Maya - 04-17-08

Maya also continues to love water, we go swimming a lot, but she'll take water any way she can get it

Maya - 04-17-08

And here's some funny faces:

Maya - 04-17-08

Maya - 04-17-08

Maya - 04-17-08

April 12, 2008

...like a hole in the head

This weekend Maya got her ears pierced. She was very good about it, though she got a little nervous when we went in because the place looked like a doctors office.

We did it up in San Francisco with a woman who specializes in piercing babies. Maya cried a lot because she hated being held down but didn't even flinch when the actual piercing happened. She didn't cry at all afterwards and they don't seem to bother her which is a relief.

It wasn't until the piercer pointed it out, but Maya has two different sized ears! We had never noticed it before. The woman spent a lot of time (much to Maya's chagrin) to make sure the holes were even.








On the way home we stopped and got her a new toy, a little walker so she can get around the house. She's doing pretty good with it but has trouble making turns. Hopefully that will come soon.



April 9, 2008

We couldn't be more proud

One of Maya's many talents:

Here's a few recent pics:






April 3, 2008

A couple firsts

Maya did two things tonight that she has not done before. She moved herself across the living room and she cruised completely around the ottoman without any help.

She's come up with her own style of crawling where she doesn't completely go on all fours but drags herself on one knee. I think she does this because she still has trouble going from all fours to sitting.


She has this weird thing where she freaks out a little if I take off my glasses. She wants to grab them and give them to me to put back on. I took off my glasses and put them on the floor and she proceeded to drag herself all the way across the living room to get my glasses. It was the furthest she has ever gone, usually she gets just a step or two before giving up.


She's also started getting a lot more secure with standing and moving around. Today for the first time she cruised completely around the ottoman without any assistance (and without falling down)


She's started trying to do more balancing and will often lift her hands up ("look ma, no hands!") and balance a second or two before grabbing back on.


She does still fall a lot...though she doesn't seem to mind it (usually)


...and another bonus pic