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...like a hole in the head

This weekend Maya got her ears pierced. She was very good about it, though she got a little nervous when we went in because the place looked like a doctors office.

We did it up in San Francisco with a woman who specializes in piercing babies. Maya cried a lot because she hated being held down but didn't even flinch when the actual piercing happened. She didn't cry at all afterwards and they don't seem to bother her which is a relief.

It wasn't until the piercer pointed it out, but Maya has two different sized ears! We had never noticed it before. The woman spent a lot of time (much to Maya's chagrin) to make sure the holes were even.








On the way home we stopped and got her a new toy, a little walker so she can get around the house. She's doing pretty good with it but has trouble making turns. Hopefully that will come soon.