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22 Months

Last week, Maya turned 22 months old...we're slowly creeping up to the big 2.0

Maya seems to have gone through a serous growth spurt, she has outgrown almost all her clothes, we keep being amazed that all of a sudden her coat is too small or that she needs new shoes.

She is now a non-stop talker and her vocabulary has grown exponentially. She still is balloon crazy and loves Elmo and the Wiggles. The weather is really nice again so she spends most of her days playing in the park where she is making more friends.

She surprised us the other day by putting her shoes on herself, on the right feet!

We went the other day to get her travel shots for her upcoming trip to Uganda. She got three shots and screamed at being held down but the shots didn't bother her too much and she calmed down quickly. We also have have some malaria pills that she needs to start taking a week before she leaves. Malaria is probably the biggest worry as its hard to tell when a kid is just fussy verses actually having malaria.

This last weekend we visited The Children's Fairyland in Oakland. It's an old school park perfect for very little kids. Everything looks like it was built in the 50's and its a little run down, but Maya had a great time.

Children's Fairyland - 04-05-09

Children's Fairyland - 04-05-09

Children's Fairyland - 04-05-09