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Blue Moon at the beach

The last Friday of March is a TiVo holiday, called the blue moon holiday, celebrating the day the first tivo shipped (10 years ago!). Since we had the day off, we decided to head to Santa Cruz for a day at the beach.

Fortunately the weather was perfect and we had a nice day, unfortunately most of the boardwalk isn't open for the season yet but that didn't stop our fun.

Maya loved playing in the sand, she used her shovel to dig and ran around like a mad baby, she was surprisingly fast on the sand.

Santa Cruz - 03/27/09

Santa Cruz - 03/27/09

Santa Cruz - 03/27/09

Maya was frightened of the water and would get scared if it came close, but it was probably a good thing since it is so cold and the fact that there was a sea lion feeding right next the beach near where we were sitting.

Since no beach trip is complete without ice cream, we stopped by Marianne's Ice Cream on the way out of town