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Back Online

We're back!

We've been without internet for almost 2 weeks now. We moved apartments and ATT could not figure out why we could not get a DSL connection. We've just switched to Comcast Cable modem and we're happily wasting time looking at stupid videos again.

We moved about 2-3 blocks away from our old apartment. Our new apartment is easy walking distance to two really nice playgrounds as well as still being walking distance to a light rail station. An added bonus is that it is walking distance to Safeway and some other stores. The real benefit is that its $500.00 a month cheaper. The downside is that is has none of the amenities of the old apartment and its a much older complex.

Maya is doing fine and loving being able to go to the park 2 or 3 times a day.

Maya - 02-22-09

Susan and I have started working on recipes for our new ice cream company Rwenzori Ice Cream Company. Our goal is to start selling at the local farmer's markets in a few months. Maya is going to be the spokes-toddler.

Maya - 02-22-09

Maya - 02-22-09