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December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Hope everyone had a merry Christmas, We had a nice relaxing Christmas.

This year was quite a bit of fun because Maya was very aware of what was going on. She even told Santa what she wanted (a kitchen), well actually she was a little scared of Santa so we made a deal that she can tell me and I'll tell Santa.

She was also a little freaked out that Santa comes into the house so we worked out another deal that Santa would give me the presents and I would being them in, Santa was not allowed to come inside.

Christmas eve, we continued a decades long Haynes tradition of driving around town looking at lights. We had to drive past the blow up Santa flying in an airplane a few times. We then opened the presents sent from Maya's Aunts and Uncles.

Christmas Morning came early and Maya was ready for presents. We did convince her to eat some breakfast first. We didn't go too overboard this year and she mostly got small gifts like play-dough and toy fire trucks.

Christmas 2009

Christmas 2009

What seems to have turned out to be her favorite present was a little wooden train set from Ikea. She plays with it constantly.

Christmas 2009

For her big present we got her a toy kitchen. She's been asking for one for months and it's what she loves playing with when we visit the toystore and at day care.

It only took me an hour to put together the hundreds of little plastic pieces.