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18 Months

Maya turned 18 months old on Sunday. She continues to grow unabated. She is notably taller and is actually above normal in height (just a bit) which is quite surprising given her parents genes.

The biggest change is that we've finally got her on a normal schedule where she naps for two hours about noon and goes to bed by 10:00pm and then sleeps through the night.

Maya - 18 Months

Her vocabulary grows daily and she can now sing along with her CDs (her current favorite song is wheels on the bus). We've given in and let her watch one episode of Sesame Street every day. She actually sings along with the opening song now as well as Elmo's world.

San Fancisco 11/29/08

Her eating is still a little hit and miss, she will go through days where she can't get enough and then go for days where she refuses everything. Her current favorite food is grapes, she's also big on oranges. Veggies are still a struggle. She loves all breads (I think she gets that from me) and especially is into gingerbread nowadays.

For her 18 month birthday we got a red velvet cupcake from Sprinkles. Her mom put on 1 1/2 candles.

Maya - 18 Months

It didn't take long for us to devour it!

Maya - 18 Months