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A couple firsts

Maya did two things tonight that she has not done before. She moved herself across the living room and she cruised completely around the ottoman without any help.

She's come up with her own style of crawling where she doesn't completely go on all fours but drags herself on one knee. I think she does this because she still has trouble going from all fours to sitting.


She has this weird thing where she freaks out a little if I take off my glasses. She wants to grab them and give them to me to put back on. I took off my glasses and put them on the floor and she proceeded to drag herself all the way across the living room to get my glasses. It was the furthest she has ever gone, usually she gets just a step or two before giving up.


She's also started getting a lot more secure with standing and moving around. Today for the first time she cruised completely around the ottoman without any assistance (and without falling down)


She's started trying to do more balancing and will often lift her hands up ("look ma, no hands!") and balance a second or two before grabbing back on.


She does still fall a lot...though she doesn't seem to mind it (usually)


...and another bonus pic