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13 Months

On Monday Maya turned 13 months old. She's now pretty solid on her walking and is pretty much on the move day and night. She's doing more sounds, but still no words. She's now repeating sounds on demand though and will make certain sounds in context. When she see's the monkey in her favorite book, she imitates the monkey sound I always make.

She had her first visit to the dentist last week, they just looked in her mouth and declared her just fine. They even gave us a baby tooth brush. She's still at 6 teeth with no more in sight.

She's starting to love music and now attempts to dance when we turn it on. Her dancing mostly consists of shaking her head back and forth really hard. She's already more graceful than her pop.

She's gotten a little more picky with eating. She still loves her corn and chicken though. And she loves her string cheese!

Here's some recent pics:

Maya 13 Months

Maya 13 Months

Maya 13 Months